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January 11, 2020

Invitation to Offer – Rental office space

Ministry of Local Government Administration in the frame of IPA II is the implementing body of three Cross Border Cooperation programmes: Kosovo – North Macedonia, IPA II, 2014 – 2020; Montenegro - Kosovo, IPA II, 2014 – 2020 and Albania – Kosovo, IPA II, 2014 – 2020.   These Programmes are implemented by three Technical Assistance (TA) teams, whose Contracting Authority is the respective EU Delegation, while the implementing bodies are the state institutions in the respective countries. In the frame of the three Programmes, three AT teams are contracted and commenced the implementation as follows: TA of the Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia, Contract Nr. 2019/410-322; TA of the Programme Montenegro - Kosovo,  Contract Nr. 2019/403-185 and, TA of the Programme Albania-Kosovo, Contract Nr. 2019/ 411-818.   In the frame of the Technical Assistance programmes, we invite all interested parties to submit their offer for letting of Rental office space in Prishtina, for placing of three offices of the following CBC Programmes:   The Office of Joint Technical Secretariat, CBC Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia Antenna Office of the ...

October 22, 2019

8th Regular meeting of the Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering committee of the IPA CBC Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia 2014-2020 on the 21st of October 2019 held its regular 8th meeting in the premises of the Ministry of Local Government Administration in Prishtina.   The JTS Staff presented the 7th Technical Assistance Service Contract Progress Report for the period 14 January 2019 – 15 July 2019 The progress narrative and financial report along with the audit report was approved unanimously by the members of the PSC, along with the plan of foreseen activities for the next period until the end of the Service Contract on 14th of December 2019.  The project Steering Committee is composed of:  Ms.Merita Mushkolaj – CBC Programme Manager in the EU Office in Kosovo in the role of Chair of the Project Steering Committee, Mr. George Papagannis – EU office Kosovo; Ms. Hajrie Ahmed and Mr. Arlind Nuhiu – Representing Ministry of Local Self Government in North Macedonia, Ms.Mimoza Karameta and Mr. Trim Berisha representing the Ministry of Local Government Administration in Kosovo. The Joint Technical Secretariat has ...

October 13, 2019

The 5th meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee held in Prishtina, Kosovo

On Tuesday October 3rd, 2019 the Joint Monitoring Committee of the IPA CBC Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia 2014-2020 held its 5th regular meeting in Prishtina, Kosovo. The Head of Joint Technical Secretariat Mrs. Albertina Binaku made a presentation of the activities implemented during 2019 and the lessons learned within the IPA CBC Programme Kosovo – North Macedonia 2014-2020. The EU Office Kosovo Task Manager Ms. Merita Mushkolaj presented the list of projects approved for financing during the 3rd Call for Proposals and the JMC members voted unanimously for the proposed list. Further discussion was made in relation to the possibility of foreseeing a strategic project in the programme. As per decision by the JMC the possibility will be analyzed and the requested information and documentation to be prepared by the proposing institution.   During the meeting, in order to have a closer look at the grants financed, three grant beneficiaries presented their projects and achievements during the implementation of their projects.      


Info days: Tetovo, 11:00-13:30

Business Development Center
South East European University
Address: Ilindenska 335, 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

Info days: Kumanovo, 12:00-14:00

Former committee building (Hall of the City Council of Kumanovo)
Address: Ilindenska nn 1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia

Info days: Prizren, 11:00-13:30

Prizren Municipality 3rd floor –Conference room)

Info days: Gjilan/Gnjilane, 11:00-13:30

Municipal Assembly(Mayor’s office, 1st floor)

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